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Halar coatings

Halar ECTFE is a high-class fluorine compound plastic which has excellent thermal, chemical and dielectrical properties. Halar ECTFE is applied by electrostatic spraying and thermally melted. The thickness of the layer is between 0,3 and 0,5 mm, depending on the thermal capacity of the object.


Combining excellent anti-adhesive property, wear-resistance and outstanding corrosion-protection, Halar is perfectly suitable for the coating of items like:

  • Filter bodies, tanks, pumps, isolation flaps used in storing and transportation aggressive fluids.
  • Machine parts, dip-tanks, ion exchangers etc. in the galvanic and semiconductor industry.
  • Any item where there is a demand for high wear-resistance and corrosion-protection in chemically aggressive environment.


Halar ECTFE is applied by electrostatic powder spraying. More layers are applied by this method so that different thicknesses of the coating can be achieved. It means, the thickness of the coating may be set optimally according to the field of application of the piece.

  • outstanding corrosion-protection combined with excellent thermal properties
  • wear-resistant
  • glazed surface without pores
  • contains no solvents
  • good non-stick properties
  • instead of using expensive metal alloys you can use normal steel coated with Halar ECTFE. Thus you obtain an even better corrosion-protection and a smoother surface at reduced costs.  
  • once the Halar coating cooled off, it may be finished mechanically. It is usual to create coating with a little more thickness and then work is down to the exact dimension.  
  • very wear-resistant and long-life.