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PTFE coatings

PTFE and FEP coatings are made in our factory by wet-spraying procedure. Due to its chemical inertness, PTFE coatings are used in places where among other factors aggressive chemical substances are present. For special applications, under the PTFE coat the surface of the metal can be plated with special alloys (brass, hard alloy, ceramic or molybdenum). The thickness of the coating can be according to the case of application between 10 µ and 100 µ.


PTFE and FEP coatings are used in every branches of industry.

  • Automotive industry (drive shafts, drive mechanism components)
  • Machine building industry (screws, stud-bolts, ventilators, rotors, rolls, cylinders)
  • Precision engineering
  • Food processing industry (rolls, baking forms, baking sheets, mixer, funnels, conveying screws)
  • Medicine and medical equipment technology
  • Plastics engineering
  • Welding technology
  • Chemical plants building (batcher, conveying troughs, stirrers, tanks, conveyor cups, forms, mixer)


  • good gliding properties at low friction coefficient
  • good corrosion protective properties
  • good non-stick properties
  • high heat resistance (up to 300 ° C)
  • high compressive strength

Mit diesem Verfahren können...

  • Gliding coatings
  • Non-stick surface coatings