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We apply in our company many of the current technical processes of metal surfaces coating with plastics.


Fluidized-bed sintering Coatings with polyamide and polyethylene are produced in our factory with the fluidized-bed sintering method.
The products covered by this method are single or series components, manufacturing parts, special shaped pieces.

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Electrostatic powder spraying This procedure is used in our factory for the production of HALAR-coatings (ECTFE).
These coatings stand out due to their extreme good chemical resistance in aggressive environment (acids and bases).

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The Minicoat-procedure The Minicoat-procedure is being used in Polyamide coating ofsmall pieces in mass production.

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Spraying Spraying with solvent is being used in our factory for the production of FEP and PTFE coatings.

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Flame spraying We produce by flame spraying corrosion protective coatings (aluminium, zinc) as well as wear resisting coatings (molybdenum, brass, ceramics). These coatings together with polyamide or PTFE coatings assure special properties o the workpieces.

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Surface preparation We make in our factory all preparation works (degreasing, grit blasting, priming).

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Quality As a matter of course, quality plays a major role in all what our company is doing. This is being guaranteed by a certified system of quality management.

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In-house production For several years we started together with our partners to produce our own products. These are available coated as well as uncoated items.

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